Obamacare Facts Check

Here we will try to make an Obamacare fact check so we can recognize what its myth and what is fact about this controversial law. For many people and politics, the public law named “Patient Protection Act and Affordable Health Care”, known as Obamacare is an abject failure. Congress should pass legislation to repeal the statute of Obamacare and then undertake a careful legislative process to make practical adjustments, which allow the free market to provide affordable and effective health care options.Obamacare fact check

If we try to do an Obamacare fact check, we first find these topics that can’t be forgotten:

-          Workers, families and also companies are facing higher costs, struggling to meet labor mandates harmful to adapt to new taxes on medicines, insurance, investment and medical devices. They have to comply with federal agency regulations and paperwork of the IRS. All of these costs will be passed to customers or employees who will face lower wages or unemployment. Is this a myth? No, this is an Obamacare fact check.

-          Due to the massive reductions in Medicare payments, a large number of retired Americans will have troubles to find access to medical care. The deep cuts in Medicare Advantage private options will make 7.4 million older people lose their current coverage. This is another Obamacare fact check.

-          Obamacare didn’t fix the payment formula for Medicare physician, so that doctors faced a 23% cut in payments in December 2010. The large amount of Americans who belong to Medicaid, combined with the fact that Medicaid pays doctors an average of 56% of what they would earn in private practice, will test the willingness of many doctors to continue to serve the Medicaid population. In addition, under Obamacare, doctors face more rules and more federal government reporting requirements, triggering the cost and inconvenience to practice medicine. Well, if you don’t think this is another Obamacare fact check, where is?

-          States already understand the disaster of this law, and led to the federal government to the judges. Their goal is to try to declare as unconstitutional the provisions of Obamacare for states that require them to expand their Medicaid programs and to establish health insurance specialist systems designed at the federal level and that requires people to buy insurance or else be fined. This is an important point of Obamacare facts check, because if the law hasn’t states support, it becomes weak an inconsistent.

-          Federal taxpayers are the victims: Obamacare added a trillion dollars in new federal spending and created something such as “time bombs” ready to explode in 2014. Come in the form of new rights to benefits prohibitively expensive for extended care and insurance subsidies (which discourage go to work and penalize marriage). Obamacare also place about half a billion dollars in new taxes over the next decade that will hit middle class hard. Our last Obamacare facts check improves that there aren’t myths about this law.

If we take a look on these Obamacare facts check, we can immediate declare: Congress should pass a law to repeal Obamacare. There are lots of things to change, and this is only the beginning.